Here are a few recent comments about us.  Scroll down to see what people said about our CDs, 'Under No Illusion' and 'Out Of The Hat'.

What people say about our live performances:

"Fantastic musicianship - virtuoso fiddle playing and inventive keyboard riffs"

"Driving dance music - a band that was playing the music and watching the dancers, far more than just trolling out the notes on the page."

"Thank you for playing so well for us last Saturday – it was an excellent event thanks to you both.  It was just what we wanted – a small intimate band in a smallish venue with great music and dancing.  Everyone enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend you."

"Absolutely knock out playing..." (from a dancer at Eastbourne International Folk Festival)

"Your rhythms and countermelodies were exciting, thank you for all the thought you put into your playing and for giving us so much beautiful music to dance and listen to - it was a pleasure"

"The feedback we've had from those present, including those who have relatively little experience of contra dancing, was very positive and that has to be down to your efforts on the night. Thank you for making it such a lovely evening and such a splendid start to our new season."

"On behalf of the committee please accept our warm thanks for the superb music you gave us at the festival! Starting on Friday, when you really made the gym hum with life and verve, and ending with the popular Sunday workshop, and, of course, your sessions in between, which hit just the right "note", it was all wonderful. I know that doesn't just happen - you put a lot of work into making everything work well, so thank you once again."

"Just a note to say how much I appreciated Folkus Pocus’ music last weekend.  It was a joy to be able to concentrate on teaching the dances and know that the right music, at the right speed would be there exactly on cue. And it sounded wonderful, encouraging the dancers to really dance to the music.  In short, everything that is helpful in a workshop."

"Many thanks for the excellent music on Saturday.  We have had many positive comments.  We enjoyed it enormously."

"Much enjoyed working with you both."

"Thank you for an excellent barn dance.  Everyone really enjoyed it."

"I am very much looking forward to working with Folkus Pocus again; what a great time we had last time!  Should be fun…"

"I was delighted to hear that you are setting students on fire with traditional music!"

"Such wonderfully talented musicians"


What people say about our CDs, "Out the Hat" and "Under No Illusion":

“Huge congratulations on your beautiful new cd. I've been listening to your cd a lot and am deriving all kinds of joy and pleasure from it. I think the mix of Contra and English tunes you chose is really entertaining to listen to...and the two of you carry on so well that it's like a symphony of instruments and sounds.  A very rich CD indeed.”   From Rodney Miller, American Contra fiddler (Stringrays, Airdance)

"This CD is a delight.  Caroline and Dan are excellent musicians, with a wonderful sense of fun, which comes through in the recording."

"Their playing has a warmth and depth throughout."

"Caroline and Dan are to be congratulated for not succumbing to the temptation of over-arranging their tunes, and they coax a commendable vitality out of what they have to hand and they obviously enormously enjoy playing. It amounts to a very competent, always sparkling collection of music for dancing."

"We've been enjoying your CD since we bought it from you and we loved hearing you live"